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What genre of game is Treetops of Tera?

Currently in the early stages of development, Treetops of Tera aims to revolutionize the fantasy survival game genre. Presently, Treetops of Tera is best characterized as a real-time strategy game with a medieval survival focus.

What defines a medieval survival game?

In medieval survival games, players confront the trials of existing in a medieval environment. Navigating the intricacies of the era, they tackle challenges such as resource management, crafting, and strategic decision-making. Treetops of Tera encompasses these elements and introduces innovative mechanics.

What sets Treetops of Tera apart in the medieval survival genre?

Treetops of Tera seamlessly blends mechanics from classic survival games—resource management, crafting, and strategic decision-making—within a captivating medieval setting. Expect features like factions, skills, logistics, and more. The outcome is a groundbreaking game where these elements harmonize, promising an exceptionally enjoyable experience for players.

When can players expect Treetops of Tera to be released?

Anticipate the early access release of Treetops of Tera in the 2nd Quarter of 2024.

On which platforms will Treetops of Tera be accessible?

Initially, the game will be exclusive to PC via Steam.

What game modes will Treetops of Tera introduce?

Upon launch, players can dive into the survival mode, where the objective is to endure the challenges of the medieval world. Subsequent updates will introduce additional modes, enriching the overall gameplay experience. Version 1.0 will feature a sandbox mode, presenting various survival conditions.

Will Treetops of Tera include multiplayer functionality?

Initially, Treetops of Tera will provide a single-player experience. There is potential for a multiplayer platform, contingent on the game's popularity.

What language options will be available in Treetops of Tera?

Initially supporting English, Treetops of Tera may include additional translations later in its development.

What inspired the creation of Treetops of Tera?

Treetops of Tera draws inspiration from medieval survival games and the challenges of thriving in a medieval setting.

Why opt for Kickstarter for Treetops of Tera?

As a dedicated team of developers invested in Treetops of Tera, we've committed our personal resources to this project. Kickstarter serves as the ideal platform, providing independence in crafting the game according to our vision. Campaign objectives: Assess the game's appeal to gamers. Amplify visibility and cultivate a vibrant community. Guarantee the game's development until its publication. What challenges does Treetops of Tera encounter? Being a compact team of developers entails numerous challenges—from game design, programming, and art to sound effects, animations, FX effects, and website development. The primary game design challenge was seamlessly integrating mechanics from diverse genres. Communication poses another hurdle, given the complexity of survival games set in a medieval era, distinct from more prevalent genres.

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